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Мобилни сензорни измервателни системи


Stacker weighing kit


Almost all common electric pallet trucks in drawbar design or with platform can be equipped with an integrated weighing system. The vehicles must be delivered to our factory for conversion.

The electric pallet trucks can also be equipped with a hydraulic weighing system.

The Griptech Artiscale ST6 is a weighing system designed specifically for stackers focusing on the highest quality and highest reliability of both the mechanic and electronic parts.

In addition to that, the Griptech Artiscale ST6 is the only weighing forks construction for stackers designed to last, resist and avoid continuous technical service, even in industrial applications with extremely high requirements.

No reduction of the fork strength! System is built with highest accuracy!

The production process allows each system to be adapted exactly according to the requirements.

With the Artiscale ST6 solution you always have the scale with you to perform the weighing instantly when you need it.

Convenient for logistic and storage operations to reduce picking errors, even for units of very low weight.


In order to have an accurate scale fitted into the forks of a stacker the construction of the forks must be modified to facilitate 3 load cells in each fork. Instead of modifying existing forks, which would change the original dimensions, reduce the original lifting strength, and reduce the final weighing product quality that would always depend on each modification, we engineer a new weighing fork kit that is fitted to the stacker.

Once the load cells are fitted an overshoe is placed over the cells to sense the down force from any load applied to the forks. This guarantees a maximum protection of the load cells, and allows spare part replacements without needing to dismount all weighing system components.


Weighing capacity Same as pallet truck
Weighing tolerance 0.1% maximum error of applied load or 99.9% accurate
Nominal supply voltage 12 VDC
Power consumption, standby < 7.5 VA
Temperature range 0 – 50 °C
Protection class, display IP 65
Protection class, sensors IP 67
Display LCD display 20 mm


  • Installation of 6 (verifiable legal for trade) load cells
  • The overall height of the wheel arms increases by approx. 6 mm (stacker truck calibrated approx. 8 mm)
  • The load is approx. 50 mm further forward (front dimension)
  • Signal transmission via mast cable in the mast to the indicator
  • All welding works certified according to ISO 3834-2
  • Legal for trade version is delivered including class III certificate


This explains why the Griptech ST6 conversion is unique. The Griptechdesign does not alter the lifting dimensions of the original forks and the truck retains all of its original strength. All Intersoft designs are made in Solid works or AutoCAD and they are prototyped for evaluation. We have a number of fork kits made to fit different truck models and brands. Each construction is thoroughly tested. We use the most up to date design technology that is well documented with calculations of strength in each and every component. Our production process means that every system is produced to exact requirements. All production is fully documented with complete spare part drawing with part lists. All models have calculation of strength and risk analyze documentation.