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Griptech LI400

Fork lift load monitoring

Transporting too much load is unsafe and can create very serious accidents and incur significant additional costs as an overloaded truck is violating numerous regulations.
The Griptech LI400 Load Indication System helps to prevent the overloading of lorries, warehouse shelves and forklifts and as a consequence safety is improved.
The LI400 provides a visual display of the load weight on the forks during every lift and is a simple check weighing system.
Visual and audible warning beacons can be added to increase the safety.
The LI400 is an economic, robust and easy to use solution that deals effectively with overloading.
Pressure sensor system with ± 1.5% accuracy
The LI400 weighing system is the simplest hydraulic weighing system for applications where a relatively good indication of the weight is sufficient. Examples are determining whether trucks or scaffolding are overloaded. The addition function of different weightings is widely used with this system. The pressure sensor is mounted in the hydraulic line to the mast.
Suitable for all forklifts, telehandlers and construction machines.

The pallet is lifted approx. 25 cm, this determines and indicates the weight.




Weighing capacity

99,999 kg

Weighing tolerance

< 2% of the capacity

Nominal supply voltage

12 VDC

Temperature range, storage

-10 – +50° C

Temperature range, operation

0 – +40° C

Temperature range, humidity

< 90%

Protection class, display

IP 65


LCD display 20 mm

Indicator G400
High-quality pressure sensor insensitive to impact forces and vibrations
For forklifts with a capacity of up to 100t
Standard with addition function
Including RS232 connection (4 pin round plug)
Optional with indicator R420 with numeric keypad and extra functionality
Options such as printer and data transmission

The very high capacity pressure transducer of the Griptech LI400 Load Indication System is integrated into the hydraulic circuit of the forklift by fixing it into the inlet port of the forklift lifting cylinder. This makes the system ideal for harsh environments where the forklift is exposed to vibrations, shock loading and corrosión. The output of the pressure transducer is connected to the indicator mounted in the forklift cabin. The weighing tolerance of +/- 2% of the capacity allows the operator to control the applied material during the loading procedure.