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Мобилни хидравлични измервателни системи

Griptech TC1000-D

Oil Pressure Weighing Kit for dosage


This special hydraulic weighing system is used for dosing and filling in applications where weighing systems based on weighing cells are not possible or are susceptible to failure.

Via a weighing block in the hydraulic system of the forklift truck, this method can be applied even under the most harsh conditions, such as in the steel industry.

Pressure sensor system with ± 0.5% accuracy

The TC1000-D can be installed on almost any type of lifting unit with a mast. The system was designed for a specific foundry dosage application due to the high sensibility to shocks, vibrations and rough use of the existing load cell systems mounted in the carriage or in the forks.
The Griptech TC1000-D is integrated in the hydraulic system of the forklift without any component exposed in the mast or carriage which makes the system maintenance free even in the roughest environments.
The Griptech TC1000-D provides high accuracy dosage results and can be delivered with an external remote display for mounting on the fork lift roof which makes the dosage process visible for the operator in charge of filling the liquid material into the container on the forks.
No other hydraulic weighing system is comparable with the Griptech TC1000-D when it comes to robustness and reliability.
Suitable for all forklifts, telehandlers and construction machines.

A solenoid valve on the hydraulic measuring block is activated via the G400 indicator and the oil flows back very slowly via a return line to the oil tank.




Weighing capacity

99,999 kg

Weighing tolerance

± 0.25 – 0.5%

Nominal supply voltage

12 VDC

Power consumption, standby

< 5 W

Power consumption, weighing

< 25 W

Temperature range

0 – 50 °C

Protection class, display

IP 65

Protection class, sensors

IP 65


LCD display 20mm

  • Indicator G400
  • Mounted robust and protected
  • High dosage accuracy
  • Combination with external display possible

The TC1000-D system is based on a reliable hydraulic weighing principle (DMD), offering a unique robustness and protection against overload. The system is delivered with a INS PCU10 power supply and transient protection circuit that enables the TC1000-D to fit almost any forklift truck without having to pay special attention to supply voltages and electrical noise.

DMD reduces the influence of mechanical frictions in the forklift mast and hydraulic cylinders by automatically lowering the forks during weighing operations.