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Griptech TC2000-S

(Small, Safe, Smart and Sexy) Oil pressure weighing kit

The TC2000-S can be installed on almost any type of lifting unit with a mast. Everything from small electric stackers to large forklift trucks can benefit from mobile weighing.
Accuracy ± 0,2% of the truck capacity
Very stable and high-quality weighing system that has been specially developed for warehouse trucks. The best weighing result is guaranteed in combination with the TC indicator. This system has no influence on the capacity of the truck and the load center point and can be used in combination with attachments. The weighing components are built-in protected on the lift truck and are insensitive to overloading and impact forces and suitable for intensive applications.
The measuring block is very compact and is built in the main line to the lifting cylinder and without return line to the tank. Suitable for capacities up to 2,500 kg.

Lift the load to a height marked on the mast. The system is activated by pressing a button on the indicator and the fork carriage is lowered by the operator via the usual controls. The speed is controlled via the measuring block. The weight is now calculated and appears in the display.




Weighing capacity


Weighing tolerance

± 0.2 – 0.5%

Nominal supply voltage

12 – 80 VDC

Power consumption

< 4 W

Power consumption, standby

< 5 W

Power consumption, weighing

< 25 W

Temperature range

0 – 50 °C

Protection class, display

IP 50

Protection class, sensors

IP 65


Graphical high contrast

  • Indicator TC
  • Lowering can always be interrupted
  • High and stable weighing accuracy
  • Weight from min. 80 kg
  • Components insensitive to impact forces and vibrations
  • Easy installation without return pipe to tank
  • No sensors directly on the mast
  • Integrated inverter for supply voltage 12-80 volts
  • Protected against peak voltages
  • Optional indicator in stainless steel housing
  • Optional with ATEX certificate
  • Options such as printer and data transfer

DMD reduces the influence of mechanical frictions in the forklift mast and hydraulic cylinders by automatically lowering the forks during weighing operations.

The TC2000-S system is based on a reliable hydraulic weighing principle (DMD), offering a unique robustness and protection against overload. The power supply and transient protection circuit enables the TC2000-S to fit almost any forklift truck without having to pay special attention to supply voltages and electrical noise.