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Мобилни хидравлични измервателни системи

Griptech TC3000

Oil pressure weighing kit


The TC3000 can be installed on almost any type of lifting unit with a mast. Everything from small electric stackers to large forklift trucks can benefit from the mobile weighing solutions provided by the TC3000.
Accuracy ± 0.1% of the capacity for lift trucks from 10 t.
This system is the high-quality alternative to heavy-duty forklifts from 10,000 kg capacity. The weighing method with the high-quality BMD (Balanced Weight Determination) software on the TC indicator offers the best accuracy and is also classified as calibration according to class Y (a) with 1150 divisions. Suitable for a standard mast without a freelift cylinder.
This system has no influence on the capacity of the truck and is independent of the load center point and can be used in combination with attachments. The weighing components are mounted and protected on the forklift truck and are insensitive to overloads and impact forces. The tilt sensor would be mounted on the mast ensures a tilt compensation of the weighing.

Lift the weight to a height marked on the mast. The system is activated by pressing a button on the indicator and operator moves upwards and then downwards through normal operation. The driver must keep the speed within certain tolerances. Through this movement in two directions the friction factors in the calculation and the weight appers on the Display.

Weighing capacity 99,999 kg
Weighing tolerance ± 0.1 %
Max. divisions 1,000
Nominal supply voltage 10 – 100
Power consumption < 5 W
Temperature range 0 – 50 °C
Protection class, display IP 50
Protection class, sensors IP 65
Display Graphical high contrast

  • Indicator TC
  • High weighing accuracy ± 0.1% and reliable
  • For forklifts with a capacity from 10t up to 100t
  • Tilt compensation sensor on the mast
  • Components insensitive to impact forces and vibrations
  • Mounting with magnetic tape on the mast for speed determination
  • Integrated converter for supply voltage 12-80 volts (calibrated to 48 volts)
  • Protected against peak voltages
  • Optional indicator in stainless steel housing
  • Optional with ATEX certificate
  • Options such as printer and data transmission

BMD is a patented and accurate hydraulic based weighing technology which is utilized in the TC3000 solution. In addition to the advantages mentioned for DMD, hydraulic pressure, height, velocity and acceleration of the forks are recorded during upwards and downwards manoeuvring, which significantly improves the weighing accuracy and long term stability of the solution.

The TC3000 is based on the patented hydraulic weighing principle (BMD), which practically eliminates the influence of mechanical friction, non-linearity and weighing tolerances caused by loads positioned on the fork tips. This system represents the world’s most accurate hydraulic weighing system for forklift trucks, it is also highly robust. The dual tilt compensation technology ensures an exact weighing result regardless of the inclination of the forklift mast and the floor. The power supply and transient protection circuit enablesthe TC4000 to fit almost any forklift truck without having to pay special attention to supply voltages and electrical noise.