Nov. 20, 2019

Mobile weighing capabilities # 2 Cost efficiency.

Yes. Mobile weighing offers the opportunity to significantly reduce costs as well. How it works?
Let us recall the model of change in the organization of handling and logistics activities in the transition from scales to mobile measurement.

The reduction in the number of manoeuvres needed per one operation is easily visible. Time loss for measuring with stationary scale disappears as well. If I visualize the change it would look like this:

Decreasing of movements combined with the elimination of waiting time generates significant savings potential. The process analysis shows more than 700 hours less per year. Additionally, fuel consumption goes 1600 litres down. Those numbers could be easily transferred into financial savings by applying actual costs of labour and fuel. (Calculations base is: 150 measures per day, 5 working days, gas forklift and 100m ramp-scale