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Mobile weighing shows high potential for optimizationс

Nov. 05, 2019

Inner logistics processes have always fascinated me and they have always been something we need to optimize. Thus, I always focus on that, when working with clients of all spectrum of business.

Not long ago I thought that I am well educated in the latest trends when it comes to increase effectiveness and decreasing costs. It turned out that I was wrong. This revelation came from my encounter with the hydraulic mobile weighting systems. I was surprised to find out that the known setbacks for mobile hydraulic weighing are far gone. The accuracy of 0,1%, the certification for trade use and the applicability to almost any kinds of hydraulic lifting trucks, allow their implementation in daily business activities.

With this information in mind, I focused on the pros of using mobile product weighting and I found a plethora of possibilities. Better safety for employees, lower energy and workers costs, integration with ERP and WMS systems, etc.

I consider all of the above-mentioned factors to be equally as important, moreover, I will expand on every single one in future publications.