Why то encourage creativity

Why то encourage creativity

Have you ever encountered a problem that seems unsolvable? It happens to me quite often.

I'm checking the case from any possible angle - no solution. I'm trying to make a sidestep - it pops up again and again on my way. I  even had reached the point to think about change of the business concept or stoping the project.  All this in order to do not face the same issue again

What usually happens in such a situation is (at first sight) quite odd. Remark by a colleague, comment on an meeting, or information for solving a different problem and situation radically changes. Now everything is obvious. I'm seeing the problem from a different perspective. Usually the solution is clear and extremely simple.

What is the case? Once again, I have met the creative and nonstandard way of thinking. Thinking that goes beyond standard frames and gives a different perspective. A perespective which I have not been able to find  so far. This naturally generates a radically different ideas for solution.  The photo at the beginning of the article quite accurately depicts the example. While we are looking for a way to push cube harder, we will never think of creating a sphere.

In my point of view the creative thinking is one of the basic values in the business. It should be consciously sought, developed and encouraged at any company.

To clarify my position I studied a lot of modern business management methods and strategies. What makes the impression is that the continuous improvement is the main driving force for all of them. In one or another way they push business processes to keep moving toward perfection.  In that situation which is base of continuous improvement?

From my perspective, this is the problem solving process. Why do I think so? Because, at the heart of every significant step in development of mankind stays one solved problem.

- The animal power is not enough to move people and goods - internal combustion engine.

- The people are dying of bacterias - antibiotic

- Humans need to share information more efficiently - the internet.

- And etc. and etc.

Or every step towards improvement is caused by a conscious problem and represents its clear and logical solution

Let's now come back to the example I gave at the beginning of the article. I strongly believe that the people with creative and non-standard thinking are the most successful problem solvers. These ones who are searching solutions outside the box are the people who push the companies on continuous improvement way.

Taking into consideration above said I am confident that seeking and promoting creativity is the one of the best investments in the future of any company.

Why то encourage creativity
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