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Non-standard equipment

We at Grotway believe that the development of new technologies and artificial intelligence are already changing the way we do business, work and live. We are sure that more and more complete automation is the right way to develop manufacturing companies in the near future.
In order to support this process, we do our best to create nonstandard technical solutions to standard (day to day) problems. We are convinced that non-standard equipment, designed and manufactured according to the customer needs, is the most cost-efficient automation method.
Paper cut

Automatic paper-cut machine

The line allows cutting to a specific angle and size of the preliminary formed paper with density up to 1,2 gr/cm3.

High-viscosity fluid filtration system

An easy-to-use system for filtering viscous liquids. The integrated components of the leaders in the diaphragm pump industry,  guarantee long life and high performance of the unit. Control of the pump via the outlet valve allows precise dosing of viscous products.
Pull test

Pull test for crimped cables.

Cost efficient solution for verification of crimp quality. It covers all customer needs. Supplied calibrated and ready for use.
Visual inspection

An automated visual quality inspection system

The automated visual quality control system makes it possible to compare the output goods with a predefined standard. Unsuitable products are separated for further processing.