Nov. 12, 2019

Mobile weighing - capabilities # 1 SAFETY

Of course! When the question is about operational activities, safety is always first. Let us investigate how mobile weighing can improve safety in our daily logistics activities.

In this regard below, you could find two schemes, with a theoretical organization of the transport process.

A. Weight control by floor scale.

What we see are clear intersection areas in transport roads. Those points are always a significant risk of collisions and accidents. In addition, operating in such areas requires increased attention, which brings stress and fatigue to the forklift operators.


B. Weight control by mobile weighing.

By removing floor scales, we can organize the process so the intersection points are completely eliminated. In addition to the obvious reduction of the direct collision risk, the stress and fatigue for operators also are missing. This is an additional, passive safety improvement as a result of mobile-weighing.

I hope to have sufficiently visualized the benefits of mobile weighting when it comes to safety. In my next publication, I will discuss the improvements that can be made to increase productivity of the logistic processes.