Team KPI

Team stability - the newest and the most important KPI

We all following the economic articles and interviews. What makes impression lately is a common topic in all them - lack of qualified employees. I can confirm that the situation at the labor market is quite competitive. The forecast of National Statistical Institute’s does not make the picture better. Average 5% decrease of the labor force at every five years is to come. Thus, lack of personnel to become a significant challenge in very near future.

With this article I am trying to give a different perspective to the problem.

Many companies consider as a only issue finding of new employees. In my point of view much more important is the loss of trained and experienced employees. Despite quality of the processes or level of automation, it causes a stress for the company. In parallel it is not a good sign for other crew members. So, strengthening the team is one of the major weapons against personnel problems.
Te most common misconception I face is that the salary determines everything. For sure it is primary important, but there are also other “small” things which keeps people on board. What makes me think so? If that was true the very first company with 5% above will ruin any regional labor market. In real life this is not quite the case.

In this situation let us try to find out what are those little things which bind the people to a company.

- Current status, direction and strives of the company communicated with all levels. It is surprising how positive involvement of the entire team in those topics is. The employees recognize themselves with the achievements. In the same time they would like to complete the path. Crucial here is communication to be proper for each individual level.
- Freedom to make decisions and support to put in place them in real life. In the long run, this makes very strong connection due to the feeling for managing things.
- Open and friendly environment for problem reporting and problem solving. Involvement of senior management in process is crucial for the success. This action builds direct inter-level connection. It prevents from losing people due to the feeling that “nobody cares and nothing happens".
- Clear vision for middle term personal development of any employee. The approach is for sure different for different levels. Common career matrix for a blue collar up to personal development plans of management. This is one of the best insurances against losing a person due to a 5% higher salary.
- And last but not least – working conditions. I do not think that it needs clarification. This could be the main indicator for a decision in equal other conditions.

As you may have noticed proposed actions are mainly focused to changes in company culture. Let us remember the quote of Peter Drucker “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Lately we seem to be too busy in looking for a strategic solution to the labor force problem. Instead we should go for creation of right culture and environment in order to attract and retain employees. Definitely the future top companies will be those ones who manage their people in the best way.